Book 5 – Waking Up in Vegas

WakingUpInVegas300x200Kat has never been a morning person, but waking up in a Vegas hospital to discover she’s been married, widowed, and pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building along with a gorgeous amnesic vampire with the unlikely name of Jonny B. Good pretty much cements her hatred of mornings. In fact, having no memory of any of these events almost seems like a blessing.

While waiting to be cleared for possible involvement in the destruction of the hotel she’d been pulled from, Kat agrees to try to use her newly discovered psychic ability to help hunky detective Damian Johnson look into the mysterious events surrounding his comatose ex-partner.

With lycan youths turning up dead, terrifying visions from Damian’s coma-stricken partner, horrific creatures attempting to grab her in the night, and dealing with Jonny’s bizarre obsession with the Food Network, Kat just hopes she survives long enough to say goodbye to Las Vegas.

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