Web of Deception (Demon Soul book 1)

WebofDeception2240-AmazonKoboAppleSmashwords copyDo you have one of those little voices in your head that tells you right from wrong, that tries to get you to

be good and to do the right thing? I don’t. Oh, I have a voice in my head, but it never tells me to be good. Why? Because the voice in my head belongs to a demon.

My name is Cassidy Cane and in order to save my boyfriend I swapped a piece of my soul with a demon.

Worst mistake ever.

Not only did he end up leaving me, but for a while I completely lost my mind. With the help of Murph, a rather unusual priest, I learned to quiet the demon within and am coming to terms with my new reality. The world around us is full of supernatural creatures, and lucky me, now I’m one of them.

When young girls start to go missing, I’m asked to look into it. But there’s a few problems. My search for answers is only leaving me with more questions, and the demon within no longer seems content to sit back and remain silent.

It’s so hard to do the right thing when you have a demon whispering in your ear

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